French moving costs

It sure does.

We’ve been working out what to do for the best in terms of getting us, our two teenage cats and the much-pared-down contents of our three-bed house across the channel and down to the French countryside.

It turns out, moving internationally is quite pricey. Who knew?! (Well, I guessed…)

A quick punt on Anyvan produced a four-figure quote, and I refuse to pay anyone that much money for belongings that I probably picked up on eBay or from a Bristolian charity shop.

SO where does that leave us? Well firmly in the land of a DIY move I should think. And anyone who has had the misfortune of doing this before has I’m sure, shuddered at merely reading those words. (I’m sorry for any flashbacks of loading a sofa onto the roof bars of a Toyota Avensis in the rain this may conjure).

packing the lounge

It’s still going to cost, but hopefully around a quarter of the quote if we self-drive, still things to consider are:

– flight costs to Limoges

– XL van hire

– return ferry fare France – UK

– loading all by ourselves 🎻

– loading the cats, and the long drive back to France

Plus so many more things I can’t bring myself to list now. One glimmer of positivity is that on the interview call to set up my French bank account this morning I’ve received an offer with an international moving company who offer free storage for a short period of time. That might help.

For now, here’s a peek at the state of us mid-international move…

packing the hall packing the kitchen

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