Free Illy coffee capsules in November (and how to try shopping items 100% free in France)

Big brand names attract me to their products as much as the next person, and I recognise Illy coffee as a premium product due to reputation, and not least of all the high prices associated with their items.

So when browsing in the supermarket this week, I happened upon a box on the shelf with a Satisfait ou Remboursé sticker. These are a thing of joy for the frugal shopper because that sticker usually means that by following the brand’s required steps, the item will be free (depending upon whether your proof of purchase needs to be posted or not).

Illy coffee pods are usually out of my frugal budget
The Saitsfait ou Remboursé offer is nationwide

The moral of the story

Using these stickers can be a bit of a contentious issue in the frugal community because usually, the brand wants feedback on what was at fault with the item in order for you to qualify for a refund, however, sometimes they just want general feedback and so anyone can request their reimbursement with a clear conscience. Of course, if you do find a fault with the product, so much the better, and you can provide useful feedback to the company for their trouble. So, to each their own – if you are satisfied with your product, then, of course, you don’t need to claim your money back.

You make your choice for yourself.

How to claim your money

If you do decide that you’d like to reclaim your expense and want your 100% refund for your Illy capsules then look for a box with the Saitisfait ou Remboursé sticker on the shelves over the coming weeks – this offer is only valid until the end of November 2021.

Find a participating product with the Satisfait ou Remboursé sticker
Be sure to check dates of validity

You’ll need to buy your product, retain your receipt and the barcode from the box, and navigate online to the related website (details on the back of the sticker) to claim your refund.

Follow the steps online
Submit your request and await your refund

By following the steps and providing your French bank details (all perfectly safe to do) then you, like me, can expect a little deposit of the price of your product in your bank account in the next 12 weeks. Winner!

Join in and share

There are a great many of these types of offers circulating at any given time, and if you’d like to share one that you’ve spotted then please do share it with the rest of us over on my Facebook group Frugal Living in France where you can meet other frugally minded individuals, and share tips on saving money whilst enjoying life in France.

Bon appétit!

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