Find sold house prices in France

I’ve recently discovered a tool which I wish I’d had access to when I was looking for the cheapest place to buy property in France, amazingly it allows you to easily find records of sold house prices in France over the last five years… online!

How to find sold house prices in France
How to find sold house prices in France

Those who are already familiar with the French housing market will be accustomed to the very paper-based purchase process and much more personal experience of buying a home in France. To my mind, this is no bad thing, the cost of a home is likely one of the most expensive things which we will spend money on. To have a more human, traditional experience of going into the office of the Notaire, meeting them and the vendor in person is ceremonial and part of the charm of being in a country where a connection is often valued over expediency.

You can read about my personal experience doing this in my blog post here.

Comparing this to the very faceless – but admittedly convenient – remote conveyancing services which I have previously used in the UK I think that overall I would choose the French method if I had to do it again.

Sold property prices in France

I receive lots of messages on Instagram and via email asking me what I know about property prices per square metre, or how to find sold house prices in France – the latter question I can now answer more fully thanks to the discovery of a free French app created by Etalab which allows users to view the Demande de Valeur Foncière data (requests for land values) and sales in the French property market over the last five years. 

Find sold house prices in France
Choose the area of France which interests you
Find sold house prices in France
Find the town which you’d like to research
You can choose the specific property or land location by cadastral plan record

Click here to access the free tool directly

It’s also admittedly a great way to find out what your new neighbours paid for the house next door… but let us remember that with great power comes great responsibility! Happy data hunting!

Find sold house prices in France
Sold prices are listed along with sale date and property size

More info on the French real estate market

For those who are interested, the raw data for the app is produced by the General Directorate of Public Finances can be found here: 

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